Things You Should Know Before You Move to Canada

Canada immigration

1. Canada is huge
Canada is great for people who like it, because there are absolutely many of them. The country is the second largest in the world (behind Russia) with almost ten million square kilometres. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, remember: you could put the United Kingdom in Canada over 40 times. It would take over four years to walk its coastline, if you ever felt like it. The town of St John es in Newfoundland (east coast) is actually closer to London than to Vancouver (west coast). Wood Buffalo National Park is larger than the Netherlands. To make everything a bit more manageable, Canada is divided into thirteen parts (ten “provinces” and three “territories”). Just take the country one piece at a time.

2. the cities are world class
Urban life in Canada is the knees of the bees. In the 2017 Economist ranking of the world’s most livable cities, no less than three Canadian cities were among the top ten. They were Vancouver (third), Toronto (fourth) and Calgary (fifth). The five factors were health, education, environment, infrastructure and stability. That’s right, these cities are practically begging to be lived in. When it comes to the important stuff, the Canucks knock the ball right out of the park. Oh, and the capital of Canada is Ottawa, not Toronto.

The skyline of Toronto
The not so capital city of Toronto looks beautiful in the sun

3. it is very multicultural
People just love moving to Canada, and Canada just loves having them. More than 20% of Canadians were born in another country and this is expected to reach almost 50% by 2031. That’s a crazy immigration rate, but there is more than enough room to move around. There are almost 200 nationalities across the country (and over 250 ethnicities), including many Aborigines. We suspect that Canada is just one big, beautiful rainbow.

4. two official languages
One official language was not enough for the Canadians, so English and French ranked equally there. If you think that sounds difficult, imagine being in Singapore (four official languages) or India (sixteen official languages). You don’t really notice the Frenchness of the country unless you are in the eastern province of Quebec, where people try very hard to keep things as French as possible. There are laws enforced by the OQLF (basically the language police) to ensure that everyone uses enough French. If a shop does not put French on its signs and greets its customers in French, it is difficult.

5. you have good health options
Canada’s health care is the envy of its American neighbours in the south. It is a tax-funded Medicare system, where the state pays for people’s basic health insurance, which is then provided by the private sector. It is like the NHS; if you need essential medical services, you get them for free. It’s just a matter of waiting a bit.

In fact, Canada’s waiting times are not great; a 2017 survey by the Commonwealth Fund found that only 43% of Canadians seek a doctor on the same day they seek help. Fortunately, there are many ways around this, such as being friends with a doctor, marrying a doctor or even becoming a doctor.

Seriously, when you consider your private health options, it makes a lot of sense, especially if you want to avoid these long waiting times.

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6. the landscapes are beautiful
Yes, the cities are good, but the spaces between cities are even better. 90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the American border, which means that there is serious room for exploration in the north. If you want to get away from other people for a while (or even forever), there is an opportunity. Apart from boiling deserts and tropical rainforests, Canada has just about every landscape in the world. There is the rugged coast of Pacific Rim, the magical meadows in the sky and the granite mountains of Gros Morne, to name but a few. The Alberta Badlands are especially good if you want to feel like a cowboy in an old western movie. Yee-haw!



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